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Professional Evolution

When you are in business for yourself--whether you are a serial entrepreneur, are just beginning your first business as a sole proprietorship, you are faced with special problems. And while it may appear that most of those problems are external to you--circumstances or situations--the solutions often are found within. The reality is that most problems are not problems of external circumstances; most problems are inter-personal or intra-personal problems. 

An "intra-personal problem" is something that continually comes up within you--perhaps even in multiple contexts in your life. Limiting beliefs, emotional triggers, and a need to increase your capacity to handle whatever situation is thrown at you--to name just a few.

And we are all familiar with inter-personal problems--those problems that continually arise between people or among team members. Inter-personal conflicts, deficient or ambiguous communication, and a lack of aligned purpose and values--to list some common problems.

We specialize in solving those problems rapidly and effectively.


The Process

In any endeavor, you need a plan if you want it to be successful, and in our work, it is no different; we need to understand both where you want to go, what it will be like when you get there, and how you would know if and when you have arrived. We may need to change the route we take along the way, but the destination remains the same.

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Initial Assessment
  • Outcome Clarification
    • What do you want to achieve or resolve in our time together such that you would feel like it was ?
    • How would you know when you had that? What would you be seeing feeling hearing, doing and/or experiencing?
  • Situational assessment and obstacle identification
  • What you do think has been stopping you from achieving that?
    • A lack of a cogent or aligned vision
    • Limiting beliefs?
    • Hard or soft skills that must be acquired
    • Internal conflicts?
    • Communication problems?
    • A lack of know-how or simply a missing perspective?
Solution Design

Using what we have discovered in Phase One, we design and implement an approach to realize your desired outcome. And while Phase 2 is always fleshed out based on Outcome Clarification and Obstacle Assessment, here are some examples of what Phase 2 may include:

  • Individual coaching and guidance
  • Team training [Design and/or Delivery]
  • Using advanced mental technologies to dissolve personal or interpersonal blocks
  • Facilitate an environment of acceptance, openness, and elegant honesty
  • Implementing a culture of advancement from failures
  • Clarifying outcomes and aligning visions--and individuals
  • Training involving increased facility with the self and increased skill communicating with and managing others
Implementation & Integration

We are firm in a commitment to make ourselves obsolete. Phase 3 is about making sure the designed and implemented solutions are effective and sustainable. This can include:

  • Making adjustments to solution implementation
  • Adding or subtracting coaching or training modules
  • Providing objective and ongoing feedback

Jason D. McClain

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Evolutionary Guide® since 2004 

Whether you are having nail-biting anxiety because you are not sure it is the right thing to do or whether you need someone to assist you in negotiating your next big acquisition, or, you are one of the few who has realized that the only thing in they way of realizing your dreams is you, having a Guide who is trained in multiple advanced communication and mental technologies as well as someone who can bring multiple perspectives to bear on the situation ... and someone who has been in the trenches-- can make the difference between experiencing epic success, or struggling, epically.

What accelerates the process is having a Guide.

Someone who will engage you in true partnership around your dreams and goals, so that you can realize them with a new level of fulfillment, and at a greater pace and more clarity than you thought possible. Someone who is an expert at listening, drilling into the core of your concerns and desires, and asking the right questions so you can clear your head to move forward in the next phase of your professional life with certainty and ease.  Someone who can show you exactly how to handle difficult situations with skill, ease, and grace.

Someone who is not only an expert in business but also an expert in assisting you in learning to manage your own mind.

Personal Evolution

For those who want to do the deep work that will provide lasting, stable, permanent change. Evolve how you relate to yourself (ego) and how you relate to the events in your life (emotions) and enjoy ever-increasing levels of choice, freedom, and happiness.

Professional Evolution

For Coaches and Healers

Jason began teaching coaches how to build six-figure businesses in 2008. Evolutionary Sales is sales without the selling. For the practitioners looking to build their business without compromising their heart-centered values.

Sales Systems You Can Love

You've got a small team of sales professionals. They all have their own "style", But reputation matters and a consistent experience for your clients and prospects is important - it can make or break you at this stage. You need a sales system that embodies the stated values of your company. 

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