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Moving On

This course is no longer available - and won't ever be available again - as a live course in the future. 

I am still taking on 1:1 Professional Evolution clients in this context. If you want to build your 6-figure holistic practice review the page below and if you desire you can read about my professional evolution offering here and we can set up an initial conversation to see if it makes sense for us to work together or not.

Holistic Business Training v8

Business training for coaches, healers, solo-preneurs of all types who are in service-based businesses | Everything You Need To Build Your 6-Figure Practice

Success is not Magic. 

It is Systematic.

The biggest problem with sales training for coaches and healers, is often the sales system the facilitators are trying to bolt onto our business came from another business with the idea that “sales is sales”.

But this business is different because of the nature of the relationship with our clients - it is far more intimate, far more sensitive, and far deeper in nature. And of course, we are holistically minded so it doesn't often fit our values.

The Evolutionary Sales system that I have distinguished - and have been using since 2006 - organically emerged; after bumping around for a couple of years and making most of the mistakes possible, I finally hot a zone and signed 49 clients in a row to one on one 6-month packages - everyone said yes. No one said no in that streak.

So I modeled out the principles, the structures, and the templates I was using - and still use (though they have obviously been fine-tuned and modernized.

And after having served over 500 clients through 1:1 programs, I have seen a few things. So I can likely troubleshoot whatever is happening and have you not only more effective but more fulfilled as a result.

You do not have to sacrifice your spiritual principles for wealth acquisition and you do not have to sacrifice wealth for spiritual principles. Not only can they be integrated - but they must - if we are to usher in a new age.

The frustrating part may be that you received a certification at the end of your coach or practitioner training. You invested a great deal of time and money in it. You received the stamp of approval from people you trust, respect, and admire.  But did they teach you how to turn it into a viable business?
Probably not. Mine sure didn’t. Very few do. And if they do, they only address it as a side-note. Or a 3-day addition to your training, if you're lucky.
Whether you are a life coach or a holistic practitioner of any modality, you need a lot of support if you are to be successful with your endeavor as a business--in turning your "practice" into a viable business so that you can integrate your purpose and your prosperity; so that you can do well by doing good: by offering the world your deepest gifts.
By now you probably have figured out it is not as simple as ordering business cards or putting up a website. Or even going to a few networking meetings. You need the mind-sets, business structures, ethical sales systems, and the plain know-how to turn your practice into a business.
You probably already know the what and you certainly know why you want to do it. But what you really need to gain is the "how".

Cracking The Code 

It was an average day. Someday in the year 2006. I sat there a little stunned. And also a little bit giddy.

I had just signed my 50th** client in a row to a 6-month Personal Evolution Program. In that streak, no one had said no; all 50 had said yes.

And I thought to myself, "I should probably figure out what exactly I've been doing." Because I knew I'd been doing some things very consistently.

But what I had really done was this:

Without realizing it I had designed the perfect sales system for coaches and healers that didn't feel anything like sales.

So I distinguished all the processes all the templates all the philosophical underpinnings...

It's been called many things since the first course in 2008. It's been called Evolutionary Sales. It's been called The Healers B School. It's been called Coaching the Life Coach. It's been called The Coach's Sales Training.

It doesn't matter what you call it, it just works.

I was the first six-figure-practice guy back when nobody was teaching it. You get to benefit from all of my mistakes, and over a decade of insights that those have provided for me.

Let's call it this 10th-year-anniversary edition. 

Parts of it have been updated and modernized. Other parts I'm told are simply timeless.

Join us on the incredible adventure of making sure that your income is predictably over $10,000 a month. It's really not a lot and it's really easy if you know the systems to put in place to make the systems work for you so you don't have to work so hard in the system.

If you're interested in the course - message me now and we can set up a time to have a conversation about it to make sure you are fit for it and the course is a fit for you.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to you...

**It was really 49.

Course Curriculum

[click the + to expand each module description]

Weekend 1: The Evolutionary Sales System

Evolutionary Sales: A sales system for the person who hates sales. A system based in Eastern Spiritual principles of service and contribution that passes the holistic smell test. A system that has you always know what to do next, in client centric, service based, and never-feels-like-selling-to-either-one-of-you kind of way. And, boasts a 90% conversion rate for those who adhere to it unwaveringly. [And yeah, you’ll get the flow charts, email templates, the preflight checklist and all that stuff so that you don’t drop any critical steps].

Communication skills are physical skills so you’re going to practice this a lot.

Weekend 2 : Talks and Marketing; Lead Generation

This is the bread and butter of your practice.

Webinars, tele-seminars, and the like are excellent for selling products or promoting events, but for one-on-one coaching services, there’s no replacing live in-person talks because they need to trust and feel you. It also happens to be the fastest way to fill your practice; the quickest way to generate leads under your own power. Plus you do good in the world for free — everybody wins!

If your stomach is in your throat right now, then you’re just where I was.

We’re going to give you a structure that will allow you to have talks write themselves plus we’re going to give you a few secrets that allow you to be confident rather than terrified.

I’ve never had anyone who does two talks a month - it could even be under 10 people - worry about where their next potential client will come from.

The first question I ask someone who is worried about where their next prospect will come from is when they gave their last talk.

The solution to both is the same: schedule an event.

Weekend 3: Personal Work; mindsets, beliefs, self-esteem, purpose, imposter syndrome, worthiness of receiving, money and spirituality

All your fear, anxiety, doubts that you’re worthy of receiving, that people will pay you money — we’re going to address all of that and pull it out of your nervous system (you can’t serve powerfully until we resolve these conflicts within you).

All the things that aren’t in any other business trainings that you don’t like to talk about at parties and you never post on Facebook about:

  • The part of you that thinks you’re a fraud (imposter syndrome)
  • The part of you that thinks you have to sacrifice your spiritual principles for money or money for your spiritual principles (neither are true)
  • Integrate your purpose and prosperity.
Weekend 4: Designing Your Offering. Sustainability of Change for them and Financial Sustainability for you.

A package or extedend offering is one of the three necessary components of a building a six-figure practice.

It also affords you financial sustainability, allowing you to focus more completely on serving your clients, but more importantly, it provides the client with sustainability of change;  their transformations become permanent acquisitions over the time they spend with you.

Weekend 5 of 5 Putting it all together

It’s my responsibility to have you feel at a reasonable level of competency before you leave so that you can stand on your own two feet. This is the weekend where we tie it all together, polish rough spots, and address any additional areas where you still need to gain strength. Plus there’s a party. (edited)

Frequently Unasked Questions

Q: Where is the course held?

In the comfort of your own living room, or wherever else you can find a broadband internet connection. It will be presented live over Zoom Video (the web conference platform) for the entire duration of the course.

No need to travel, or book accommodations, or any of the other things that might get in the way of you getting access to the material that will ... help me help you ... transform your business.

Q: How do I know this is going to work?

That’s a great question. The truth is, only a small percentage of people who attend these courses actually succeed. (In fact, the vast majority of coaches never make more than $25,000 a year). However,  the course participants who do succeed have one thing in common: they followed my system to the letter. And everyone who has not yet succeeded also shared a commonality: they did not.  Everyone who has followed the system has succeeded without exception. The system works. The question is: "will you?" Meaning:  will you do the things? Because if you do the things, it will work. 

Q: How do I know it’s going to be worth my money?

Simple: When you sign just two to three additional clients as a result of having taken this course, then the course will have paid for itself already and then some. It’s obviously worth it.

Q: Have you built a 6 figure practice yourself?

Yes. The material in this course was modeled from the systems I developed while building that 6 figure practice.

Q: Do you accept bitcoin?

I do not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency*.

*if you hold dogecoin: much wow soon contact. send message

Q: Will I have a 6 figure practice by the end of the course?

Can it be done?  It's absolutrely possible: with certain sklills and/or professional assets in place ready to be leveraged (e.g.; an email marketing list with over a million subscribers, a vast, powerful professional network from your career path, etc.), then maybe.

However, we certainly are not making that claim, nor is it the promise of the course. You could do it, certainly. Almost anything is possible for you. The question of whether it is sustainable or not for you energetically and for your business as a practical matter is another question.

The aim of the course is to help you build a 6-figure practice in a sustainable and sustained way. To that end, what we set as a responsible expectation for course participants is that you will likely be at a run rate* for 6 figures (over $108,000 per annum) by the end of the course - or within a few weeks of its completion. Provided you do the things.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

Yes there are payment plans available to fit most budgets. This course has to work within the context of the rest of your life. We have a standard payment plan and if that will not work for you, we empower you to create your own payment plan proposal (within fixed parameters). That way we know you can keep the agreement.

Q: I hate sales. This course seems to focus on sales a lot. Do I have to participate in that part?

I hated sales too. I swore I never would be involved with sales. But I find that most people don’t like sales because icky sales people sometimes do icky things, or they use old school leveraging tactics, or straight out use intimidation, or they leverage fear. Because I abhor all of those tactics, once I was shown the brutal reality that If I didn’t realize how to sell and influence people to take action to get the things they say they wanted, I wasn’t going to be serving anybody very long if I did not gain those skills. Evolutionary sales, the system I designed, comes from service and contribution to the client, is absent of leveraging or fear-based tactics, and is the centerpiece of this course.

You’ll discover evolutionary sales has none of icky dynamics while standing as a proud counter-example to typical sales that will have your negative beliefs about sales melt away. 

We handle this directly on the first day of the training so that put that matter behind us and focus on building your business so you can acquire your prosperity through living your purpose.

Q: I think I only need 3 of the 5 modules. Can I attend a-la-carte?

There are several things to consider here.

The first is the cohesion of the group and their rapport, feelings of safety of participants going through this process together,  your own pacing, and the fact that one good idea could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you or one shift in perspective can shift your business dramatically.

The assertion that you already have what is contained within those modules is a dubious assertion to make.

I’ve heard lots of people say they’ve “got things” and have them blown away by the depth and density of material we offer in that same module. And lastly, in terms of the curriculum modules, their sequence is designed in a specific and systematic way and with that each module builds on the previous module in ways that necessitate engagement over the entire arc of the course. If you did it piecemeal, you would get piecemeal results.

Furthermore, each module is designed to evoke certain aspects of you in a way that will have your sense of self expand, your range increase, and who you think of yourself to be will encompass far more than you currently imagine.

Building a 6-figure business takes habits in both practice and mindsets, and this course exercises these muscles throughout.

All of this will add up to you actually experiencing the results you want rather than just attending a workshop here and there and then shaming yourself against unrealistic expectations because the trainer or presentor or facilitator was not committed enough to your evolution to tell you the truth.

And the truth is you will likely need some aspect of every module no matter how much experience you have.

Q: Is there a certification and if so, what are the requirements?

Certifications are not what prospective clients care about, ultimately. What they ultimately care about is that you are competent to assist them in getting the results they desire.

There are plenty of people out there with licenses, certifications, and advanced degrees who are not competent at all. Just as there are plenty of people out there with no degree or certifications who have real-world experience who are incredibly competent.

The only certification you need is the certification you give yourself when you finally meet that 6-figure income goal.

Testimonials are far more valuable from a marketing and credibiulity standard. Plus, they will feel far better to you than any slip of paper hanging on your wall I could give you.


What’s more, if they are asking about certifications, they probably don’t trust you and it’s a delay tactic or a red herring, and that’s based on my experience working with over 500 one-on-one clients over the last 14 years.

No one asks established practitioners about certifications.

They sense the competence within you in how you address their outcomes and how congruent you are throughout the Exploratory Session in conveying that you can help them.

When a coach is confident, that's contagious: they’re perceived as competent by the prospective client. If the coach is uncertain, that is contagious as well and the prospective client feels that and becomes uncertain in the process.

Q: I’m a current VIP client; how much do I have to pay for the course?
It’s included in your VIP package therefore, the total cost of this course for you is $0.
Q: If I enroll in this course, can I retake the course again in the future for free?
We offer students who have completed the course an opportunity to retake it with a 50% discount on whatever the course costs at the time it is offered.
Q: Is anyone co-leading the course with you?

No. All McClain, all the time.

Well, we may have a social media expert come in when we do the module on marketing and lead generation, however, they will be more of a guest speaker than co-facilitator. And they are yet to be confirmed.

Q: May I assist and in exchange take the course for free?
No. But, thank you for asking; that's very kind of you.
Q: I’m an executive and now I want to move to coaching. Is this course for me?

The system works for almost any business that is service-based and deals with clients one-on-one.

My clients who have successfully implemented the systems have included coaches, photographers, body workers, acupuncturists, artists, web designers and even a lawyer.

A person like you who was an executive (manager, Director, VP, or C-Suite) can tap into the tremendous connections and resources you have built throughout your career. So not only would this course be a fit for you, you will probably be its star participant.

Q: I’m not an executive and have no "real-world" business experience. Is this course right for me?

This course is appropriate for anybody who’s a competent practitioner of any of the professions listed above who wants to do well by doing good; who wants to integrate their spiritual life with their business life.

Those who desire to live fully aligned with their purpose and prosper and accomplish that via ethical means.

Q: How is this different from other sales or business training courses I’m considering?

Other courses you're considering don’t offer the scope or depth that this course does (or so I’ve been told by those who have attended the other well-known trainings out there as well asd mine).

To get really specific, we’re going to address and transform all of the things that get in the way that you don’t like to talk about at parties. The things no other course addresses:

  • Your relationship to money and spirituality and how you may think they are in conflict.
  • Your sense of your worthiness of receiving; whether or not you feel you are worth what clients pay you.
  • "Imposter syndrome" -- concerns you’re an imposter or a "fraud" because there are parts of your life that you haven’t mastered fully.
  • Your fear
  • Your anxiety
  • Your self esteem
  • Your negative self-talk
  • Your self doubt
  • Your level of self acceptance

In short, as Jack Welch said, “the soft stuff is the hard stuff,” and we’re going to go right at it.

That’s right, we’re going to address your emotional life and your inner personal work — and we'll clean out your vessel for your purpose. 

That - combined with Evolutionary Sales - is what makes this training so unique - unprecedented even.


2020 Dates

All Dates Sat. & Sun.

Training Times

9a - 5p Pacific

June 13, 14

The Evolutionary Sales System

June 27, 28
Talks and Marketing;
Lead Generation

July 11, 12
Personal Work; mindsets, beliefs, self-esteem, purpose, imposter syndrome, your worthiness of receiving, money and spirituality

July 25, 26
Designing Your Offering. Sustainability of Change for them and Financial Sustainability for you.

August 22, 23
Weekend 5 of 5 Putting it all together

Other Logistics:

Main meal break
is always precisely at 
11a Pacific and is 90 minutes in duration

Two other breaks occur during the day - between 10 and 20 minutes long - for body movement, integration, and refreshing yourself. The time they begin based on the energy of the group.


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Jason began teaching coaches how to build six-figure businesses in 2008. Evolutionary Sales is sales without the selling. For the practitioners looking to build their business without compromising their heart-centered values.

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You've got a small team of sales professionals. They all have their own "style", But reputation matters and a consistent experience for your clients and prospects is important - it can make or break you at this stage. You need a sales system that embodies the stated values of your company. 

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