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Praise for Jason D McClain's Systems, Material, Skills, and Presence

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Destin Gerek, International Speaker & Coach

"I increased my income by well over $38,000.00 in the first 5 months of Jason's guidance--and that was just the beginning."

Jesua Love

"Jason is a shaman in a business suit."

"His compassionate, generous, humorous, astutely insightful and skillful ways of working with me allowed me to trust the process, fearlessly release outgrown patterns of getting in my own way, clarify my intentions and take specific actions in the direction of my own evolution. His enormous range of skills -- spanning from worldly marketing and sales wisdom to tech-savvy social media wherewithal, to truly phenomenal neuro-linguistic practices and energy medicine -- met me at the multi-dimensional levels I required in order to make life-changing shifts."

John Dalpe, CEO, RTR Ventures

"McClain is my secret weapon in all the pivotal areas of my business and relationships."

"I have been blessed to have trained and worked with some major players in the sales training and personal development field. Jason delivers a revolutionary system of serving clients and building your business which is ethical, powerful and incredibly effective. It is like watching Barry Bonds taking batting practice!"

Guy Segstock,

"In two hours Jason McClain taught me more about how to powerfully present than I was able to come up with after eight years of experience speaking to thousands of people. His insight is deep, practical, and immediately applicable. I saw immediate results in my business."

Sarah Jones, Introverted Alpha

"Jason is one of the cleanest, most sincere, most skilled sales trainers I know. He comes from a place of deep service in his work. I felt my emotional and spiritual intelligence being raised as I made my way through the Evolutionary Sales manual."

Aaron Pava, Technologist

"Good instructors have expertise in their field, and Great instructors have the skills to transfer mastery to their students. Extraordinary instructors like Jason can do both, and make it fun all-the-while. Jason McClain is a brilliant teacher and unparalleled in his knowledge."

Nick Sweeney, Founder at PathAgape

“I love Evolutionary Sales. It perfectly blends service and contribution with prosperity and as a holistic practitioner  gives me a system that allows me to feel comfortable calling myself a sales professional and using a sales system for the first time in my life.” 

Addrianna Reitenbach

"I have sought the counsel of dozens of practitioners who promised evolution, costing me thousands of dollars. Jason McClain is the first who delivers it. I feel, deeper, more expansive, alive, available, and forward and upward moving than I ever thought possible. I cannot imagine anything coming into my life that I would not handle with grace and ease."

More Praise

Neslihan Akbas:

"Jason D McClain has a solid and amazing ability to take complex structures and processes and deliver it through easily digestible and workable practices. Although I have heard about the evolutionary sales process, I attended the intro and began to do some pre-work and experienced an explosion of creative energy to my offering - can't wait for the course. Check it out for yourself!"

Jean Bertrand:

“I have taken several courses with Jason and find him to be a caring individual who really means what he says about wanting to help us evolve into our higher selves. He quickly senses what someones core issues are and over a period of time they are cleared and one is moved beyond what s/he even thought was possible for themselves.”

Alika Medeiros, Love Sherpa:

“Jason is amazing; he has a wealth of knowledge and gave me the missing link that I needed to get my business started. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to expand their practice and/or needing professional help with their internal and external growth. He has helped me step forward and inspire me to live my life’s purpose.”  

Joshua Outwater, Vice President, BlackRock [formerly of Barclays Global Investors]:

"With Jason's help, I've been able to expand my toolset which has enabled me to better direct my life. I've noticed that my relationships, both personal as well as professional, have improved significantly due to my improved style of communication. Personal evolution is a life-long undertaking and I am glad that I took my first steps with Jason."

Peter Rubin, One Taste Certified Coach:

“I’ve listened to your recordings you delivered in previous coaching courses and have found them to be insanely valuable. I've signed 8 clients and raised my rates already in the first few months of the program, and I attribute it to following your sales process to a "t". A HUGE thank you!"  -



Dick Friesen, CEO, Alpha Presence:

“The workshop lead by Jason McClain accomplished the challenging task of integrating a significant amount intellectual content, as well as experiential exercises and abstract modeling. The workshop felt very smooth--never too fast, never too slow. I expect significant changes in my life as I incorporate what I have learned."

Heidi Geigis, Educational Professional

"Through the work I did with Jason McClain, I discovered deeper parts of myself and learned a variety of tools to resolve them. My evolution is never-ending, and I now feel equipped to be responsible for it myself without needing to take another workshop or course to "fix" it."

Jerry Candelaria, Co-Founder, The Arete Center for Excellence


"Through his mastery of communication and presentation skills, Jason McClain has deeply contributed to my life in so many ways. He has helped me enhance my skills in such areas as, my coaching practice, course leading and group presentation. I have recommended him and will continue to recommended him to anyone seeking to grow their business."

Jessica James:

"Jason McClain commands the audience's attention as he provides a well-thought-out and coherent framework of ideas, and compliments those concepts with personal applications, as well as ice-breaking banter. He is efficient with time, providing dynamic ideas while making them accessible and stimulating."

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