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6-week relationship makeover with Mariah Rossel and Jason McClain

12-Week Evolutionary Gentleman Training

An in-depth program for men who desire deep, authentic relationships with high-quality women. Women of depth, richness, and texture. Discerning women. The kind of woman who won't settle for anything less than an Evolutionary Gentleman. 
Learn to woo her, pleasure her, and create a deep relationship with her in the 12-Week Evolutionary Gentleman Training.

What You Will Learn & Discover:

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April 11th | Getting Over Your Bullshit

The most basic thing that gets in the way of deep connection is being in your head about the past - past events, past relationships, and  ... women in your past.

It's also the #2 complaint from women: "he talks about his ex too much".

Getting complete with the past - whether you are single or want to "clean slate" a relationship with the same woman is critical.

And if you harbor resentments about women in your past - or women in general - she will smell that coming off you like you just got sprayed by a skunk and she will be repelled.

Get cleaned up - get fit - by getting complete with your past so you are able to connect with her in the moment - be fully present with her.

Because nothing is more attractive to a woman than your exquisite attention.

April 18th |Getting Over Your Bullshit | Part 2

Get clear so you can have juicer, hotter connections.

  • Resentments
  • Grief
    Releasing Emotional Entanglements 
  • Moving from vilification to appreciation of the feminine
April 25th | Relationship Models

Not only CAN you design your relationship - in this day and age you must.

Get clarity and get everything you want - and get rid of the guessing games and assumptions so you don't waste time with a woman who is not a fit - and design your life so you can have everything you want.

  • Consciously Designing Your Relationship
  • The role of society and culture
  • Values and Forms
May 2nd | Relationship Models | Part 2

Become conscious of the role of unconscious parental influences - and free yourself from them increasing your choice, freedom, and flexibility.

May 9th | Agreements for Clean Relating and Communication

Sick of bullshit drama? Or being broadsided by weird "you should've known"s? 

This cuts right through that.

Foundational agreements

  • What they are
  • What they require
  • How to have the conversation
  • How to apply them
  • How to reboot any relationship with them

This framework alone can transform any relationship - and make sure the same tedious crap you keep dealing with becomes a thing of the past and you can focus on what really matters: the connection.

May 16th | Conflict Resolution

Discover pitfalls most guys fall into that kill her sexual desire. Pitfalls you can easily avoid. Discover communication strategies to get more of what you want - and have her flush with desire as well as conflict resolution tools to quickly and cleanly move through conflict and upset so you can get back into connection. 

  • Clean communication
    • Sarcasm, joking, and the impact on turn on
  • Fighting Clean
  • The power of requests
  • Safety, trust, and skillful truth
May 23rd | Secrets to Wooing Her

If you are in a relationship now and think, "but we are not dating anymore", that's your first problem right there.

Learn how to keep her swooning for you - and falling for you - over and over again.

  • Attention
  • Desire
  • Curiosity
  • Appreciation

Also, solve the "I don't know - wherever you want to eat" problem that seems to keep men up at night - or gives them nightmares - or PTSD flashbacks.

Really, this one's an easy solve and is probably worth the price of the course all on its own.

May 30th | Secrets to Wooing Her | Part 2

Discover how to avoid building resentment by having clear boundaries. The art of saying "no" so she can trust your yes, and how to build in ease and build tension and attraction simultaneously.


  • Boundaries
  • Expectations and attachment
  • Receiving

June 6th | Bedroom Artistry

We'll give you secrets to her extended pleasure that will have her blissfully gasping, "how do you do that?!"

But the first step is to become more embodied, quickly followed by being conscious of other emotional and interpersonal dynamics that are necessary to navigate.

And that all begins with:

  • Becoming Shame-Free
  • Creating Safety and Trust
  • Consent
  • Negotiating & Navigating Boundaries

June 13th | Down and Dirty

How to build in increasing levels of fun and intensity so she never gets bored - while still being responsible.

  • Adventurousness
  • Curiosity
  • Playfulness
  • Communicating needs and giving feedback
    • Directing without controlling
  • STIs for the singles and the multi-partnered
June 20th | Emotional Intimacy and Depth

You've seen it everywhere - women in TV shows and movies saying "just tell me what's going on; I can handle anything if you just share it with me."

They want you to let them in and when you don't - if you are present without being present - they start to make stuff up in their minds. Stuff that is easily dissipated if you just tell her the truth about your inner life.

But beyond that authentically sharing how you feel about her and about your experience can be an incredible aphrodisiac and she will flourish in your acknowledgments and flush with turn on in the light of your truth.

But there is no strategy or framework for that. It's about being at ease enough with yourself and solid enough within yourself that you don't even think of it as "vulnerable" to share vulnerable things.

It's a way of being and a stage of development. 

The truth is a turn-on. It can also be comforting.

Everybody wins.

This training module will help you get there.

June 27th | Autonomy and Maintaining Sovereignty

Avoid the pitfall of slowly eroding your masculine core - and if you already fell into that - how to get your balls back without being a jerk.

  • Emotional Autonomy - Secure Attachment
  • Financial Autonomy
  • Being willing to reach out and get help and support
  • Reclaiming your sovereignty 

Program Dates

All Dates Are Tuesday Evenings
6:30pm - 8:30pm Pacific

April 11th
April 18th
April  25th
May 2nd
May 9th
May 16th
May 23rd
May 30th
June 6th
June 13th
June 20th
June 27th


Location: Zoom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for people in relationships?

No. This course is both for men who are in a relationship and want to breathe new life into it and for men who are single and want to make sure they uplevel their next relationship.

Is this course available for couples?

Nope. This course is for men only. However, if you are a woman and your male partner is considering this course and you want to share a common language OR if you are a woman who sees the value in our work, we have a women's course - the 12-Week Relationship Makeover - you can register for »here«.

Will this course help me attract the women of my dreams?

This course will help you work through the blocks that are keeping you from having your ideal relationship and teach you relationship and communication skills, that, once implemented, can transform your relationships.

We offer you the tools, skills, mindsets, and frameworks. It is up to you to apply them to your relationships and/or to use them to create a fulfilling relationship.

What the program will do is create the conditions within you that make it far more likely for you to find, attract, and keep the woman of your dreams. Or ... help you "clean slate" your relationship so you can get back to that place when you thought the woman you are with WAS the woman of your dreams.

I’ve seen a lot of couples who are in relationships offer relationship courses. Are you and Jason in a relationship?

No. We are not, and we think that is better for you. 

Rather than sell you on the illusion that you can have what two people who are in love have - and have that glow influence your decision to join the course - we are two individuals who bring a vast amount of experience, training, and insight in personal development to bear on relationships. Not to mention our depth and range of experience in masculine and feminine dynamics.

We bring a combined 45 years of training and development to bear in service of your desires and outcomes for the course. That means we'll be able to serve you in deep and unpredictable ways. 

If that terrifies you, this may not be the course for you. 

By the same token - if that excites you - quit f*cking around: register for the course now.

I can't attend all of the evening sessions. Can I still participate?

Yes. Absolutely. All of the sessions will be recorded for course participant use and viewing. There will also be coursework to do on your own time between the weekly zoom sessions. So you can miss a live session or two and still get incredible value from the course. We will also be using the Slack app for messaging with course participants, so you can stay connected and ask questions at any time during the course.


Mark Michael Lewis, Founder Beautiful Profit Consulting

"Jason has taught me a lot about masculinity over the last 2 decades +. Much of my world and perspective around The New Masculine is growth from seeds he planted in my mind. In Deida's terms, Jason brings some serious "Stage 3" game. You can always count on Jason to bring an edge to the conversation - sometimes a scalpel, other times an ax - sometimes subtle, other times subtle as a heart attack - sometimes like play, other times like an assault - always cutting to the heart of the matter. Men: if you want to bring out your woman's sexual depth and passion, her good girl or bad girl, her slut, her adoration - watch and learn from Jason. He isn't safe. He's effective."

John Dalpe, CEO, RTR Ventures

"McClain is my secret weapon in all the pivotal areas of my business and relationships.

"I have been blessed to have trained and worked with some major players in the personal development field. Jason is ethical, powerful, and incredibly effective. Watching him at work is like watching Barry Bonds taking batting practice."

Aaron Pava, Technologist

"Good instructors have expertise in their field, and Great instructors have the skills to transfer mastery to their students. Extraordinary instructors like Jason can do both, and make it fun all the while. Jason McClain is a brilliant teacher and unparalleled in his knowledge."

Sydney Culver

“Jason is truly an evolutionary gentleman. His communication is direct, honest, and clean, while also being highly attuned and caring. I never have to guess where he stands, nor is any communication left dangling or incomplete. His masculine presence is undeniable in all interactions and my feminine is always at ease in his company.”

Nicola D’Alonzo

“With a massive heart and a brilliant mind, Jason delivers the truth with potency and care. It’s a rare combination, but Jason is a true gentleman in response to life. If you are looking to evolve your own consciousness through relationship, he will deliver a chivalrous and edifying experience. His mastery of evolved relating is evident, while his years of experience with understanding how humans move into their greatness shines.”

Kaela Valdes

“The unique thing about Jason McClain that stands out in the world of relationship and polarity coaches is he is so deeply masculine yet is so pro-female and pro-feminine. I feel safe around him in ways that are new, unusual, and difficult to describe. There is a healing that comes with this sense of security. Healing areas that I didn’t recognize were bruised. I’m left strengthened and empowered. With a deep sense of well-being. I’m more attuned to an abundant sense of gratitude within myself that evokes a clarity and joy that is magnetizing. I have never been more in tune with my Divine Feminine.”

Melissa Gilbert

“What first drew me to Jason McClain was his complete devotion to evolution—his own and others. I quickly realized that what he is offering would not only help me expand my capacity to relate with my lover but also my work and community.“Jason pushes the boundaries of what’s possible between men and women and moves people beyond limited perspectives and false narratives. What shines brightly through his vast study of the mind/body and profound comfort with his own masculinity is a deep love of humanity and evolution of the species.”

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Your Facilitators

Jason D McClain

Mariah Rossel

Mariah Rossel helps people confront their wounding and their shadow without fear, enabling them to step into their authentic being by deeply knowing and embracing all aspects of themselves. She helps them acknowledge how their shadow is manifesting in their life, so they can break free from the energies holding them back. 

Working with Mariah means her clients discover their true passions and purpose, enabling them to embrace and enjoy every aspect of living an abundant, meaningful life in service to the divine and humanity.

Mariah is an LPC , Reiki master/teacher, reflexologist and healer based in Boulder, CO who specializes in empowering adults and adolescents to heal their traumatic pasts and step into their authentic being. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, as well as a certificate in Holistic Health and Wellness. Mariah has studied with Shipibo and Lakota families since 2006.

Mariah has taken nearly 100 clients through the Spiral and Womb Spiral since 2019.

She continues to build on her knowledge and experience, recognizing that the learning never stops.

Jason D McClain

Jason D McClain

Jason has been studying advanced models of interpersonal communication and personal development and applying them to real-world situations for over 25 years. He has guided over 500 individual clients in their evolution through 6-month programs, one-on-one, since 2004, radically accelerating their development.

He is a vipassana meditator, having been on nine 10-day silent meditation retreats to date, an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer since 1995, and an overall Integral Theory geek [AQAL, Spiral Dynamics, Etc].

As the architect of the Evolutionary Sales system, he has been teaching coaches and healers how to build 6-figure practices since 2008.

Now, after 17 years in this personal development business, he has turned his attention to the Relationships: Evolved and Evolutionary Gentlemen material he has been developing for the last few years.

He has been said to demonstrate near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things personal development.

Jason is irreverent, sharp, witty, profoundly skilled, and can write a poem that melts hearts, but at his core, his only true love is your personal and professional evolution.

His friends simply refer to him as "The McClain®".

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