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Personal Evolution

For those clients who love to invest in themselves and want the best and most comprehensive solution to their problems. A lasting solution. A solution for all contexts in your life. If you want to rapidly and predictably accelerate the evolution of how you relate to your Self and how you relate to the events in your life through stages that allow for greater and greater levels of freedom, happiness, and fulfillment while dramatically reducing fear, shame, anger, and negative thought patterns.

With the Personal Evolution package, you will progress through the following phases with Jason's Guidance.

Phase One (Clearing Your Foundation)

Most people have no idea just how much choice we have over our internal experience--our thoughts, our emotions, the possibilities we see, where we focus, and what we can create when thought converges with action and the will to carry it through. Most importantly, in this phase, we efficiently and effectively clear out the patterned responses that do not serve your happiness and inhibit you from having flourishing relationships and the level of fulfillment you deserve.

Clear and Dissolve: 

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Negative Emotional Imprints

Systematically and thoroughly resolve or dissolve:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Sadness
Limiting Beliefs


  • Yourself, relationships, the world, people, money, the future etc.
  • Residue from previous intimate relationships
  • Parental patterns
Traumatic Events
  • Death, Loss, and Grief
  • Financial loss
  • Divorce
  • Childhood abuse
  • Etc.

If you've ever had a conversation go badly and had to wait for resolution [and who hasn't?] you know what it can be like to stay looping on the events--replaying them as they were. Exhausting, huh? That's what is happening right now in your mind: you are losing precious physical energy and mental power--resources that could be spent on your professional endeavors, or with your loved ones, or for your community. You will experience more choice, freedom, ease, and generally be more peaceful and happy.

Some clients report dramatic bursts of creativity and/or productivity. All report at least a 50% reduction in the negative emotional habit patterns of the mind listed above.

Phase Two (Education & Sense of Self)

Plainly put, we teach you how your mind works. How emotions are created and embedded as habits. How your mind goes through a chain of meaning to get to shame or guilt or despair--or resignation or cynicism. We teach you how to turn that around to use your mind for your own good--rather than succeeding in spite of yourself. This phase can make a struggling person successful, and an already successful person thrive.

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Develop and exercise "Facility with Self"
  • Build perceptual flexibility-experience events and people with a multi-faceted view, seeing more of the richness and depth of your life.
  • Gain "meta-cognition"--the ability to think about your thinking in a way that puts you more in the driver's seat [if you are not controlling your thoughts and your mind, who is?
  • Right now, your mind may have the upper hand, but we will harness its power for the goodness you want to bring to the world--even if by simply evolving yourself as a person
  • Learn how your mind codes experience so you can optimize it, patch it, hack it, or re-code it entirely
Live Consciously
Explicitly and consciously conduct an inventory of values and contexts in your life and determining how well your current choices in career, relationships, community, match up with your natural values.
Build & Strengthen True Esteem For the Self

Nurture the healthy and necessary ego focusing on the two components of true self-esteem; self-efficacy and self-respect (knowledge of your competence and feeling worthy of receiving). 

Once a person has developed true esteem for the self--not based in the opinions of others, but rather internally validated, yet based on historical references--they have begun the path to freedom. Self esteem has been called the immune system for life. It's not that you will never fall ill again, but you will bounce back rapidly, you will honor yourself more--and you will be free from that tension in your body when you continually suppress your needs deferring to someone else's.

The Evolutionary Guide®

Jason D. McClain

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Evolutionary Guide® since 2004 

Phase Three (Integration)

This is where I intend to make myself obsolete.

To keep the new muscles you've built, you have to train regularly. Practice, practice, practice. There will be practices I give you to help you embody a new stage of being - a new baseline - rather than indulging in peak states that then fade after a few hours, days, or weeks.

Additionally, once we have cleared out your past, and then we solidify your Self, then you are ready to commune with others in a higher and deeper, yet cleaner way.

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Learn how to more effectively communicate
  • Creating more win/win situations
  • Drawing clear boundaries
  • Graciously dealing with difficult situations
  • Resolve conflicts Rapidly
  • Have more fulfilling relationships with your family, friends, lover, spouse, colleagues
  • Avoiding co-dependent patterns and past pitfalls
Begin the Infinite Game of the ever-deepening Self
  • Seeing every interaction and "problem" as an opportunity to take more responsibility, gain greater resource, and achieve greater depth
  • Living from and aligned with your spiritual purpose
  • Enjoying greater ease and happiness in your life in general
  • Seeing accurately and deeply into others

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