Jason D McClain

Jason has been studying advanced models of interpersonal communication and personal development and applying them to real-world situations for over 25 years. He has guided over 500 individual clients in their evolution through 6-month programs, one-on-one, since 2004, radically accelerating their development.

He is a vipassana meditator, having been on nine 10-day silent meditation retreats to date, an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer since 1995, and an overall Integral Theory geek [AQAL, Spiral Dynamics, Etc].

As the architect of the Evolutionary Sales system, he has been teaching coaches and healers how to build 6-figure practices since 2008.

He has been said to demonstrate near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things personal development.

Jason is irreverent, sharp, witty, profoundly skilled, and can write a poem that melts hearts, but at his core, his only true love is your personal and professional evolution.

His friends simply refer to him as "The McClain®".

Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Healing and Clearing

    What Everyone Needs, But Often Misunderstands

    Dramatically reduce or eliminate fear, anxiety, anger, disproportionate guilt, shame, sadness, parental imprints, limiting beliefs, and traumatic events from formative years - all freeing up massive energy, creativity, and mental attention for your life, relationships, and projects in the present.

  • Evolutionary Sales Trainer

    System Design, Training, and Integrated Coaching

    Often sales training means cultural change - and changing troublesome habits to positive, ethical, and esteemable ones. I am also a training design geek ,and as such, we design analog sales processes and systems that embody the espoused values of your small or medium-sized company.

    Integrity in motion.

  • Leadership

    The 3 Levels of Leadership

    Everyone knows about public leadership - the ability to present and give a talk that inspires, motivates, and at times, grounds and jolts the entire auditorium -- and at times the world - with the power of truth.  Then there is private leadership - leading a team and connecting with a small group. Radically different skills. Finally personal leadership (1 on 1) which requires true presence - different from charisma in that it can not be fakes. It is the outward evidence of esteem for oneself combined with the absence of internal conflict and nagging doubts. It radiates. It inspires. And it must be developed and cultivated.

    I can guide you in accelerating your skill and capacities in each and/or all three of them.

  • Self-Esteem

    Knowing you are competent and feeling worthy of a fulfilling life - self-efficacy and self-acceptance and self-respect - can not be faked, will never result from repeating affirmations, or grown through prayer.

    It must be developed and cultivated. I say "must" because it is your immune system for life and it is a series of practices. 

  • Communication Wizardry

What People Are Saying

Words of praise for Jason's work.


Evolutionary Relationships

Creating The Love You've Always Wanted

Whether you are in grief and do not want to repeat the same patterns or you are in the middle period and there is a lack of aliveness in your relating or you are single or are seeking or about to begin a relationship, we've got you covered.

Personal Evolution

Go Deep Or Go Home

For those who want to do the deep work that will provide lasting, stable, permanent change. Evolve how you relate to yourself (ego) and how you relate to the events in your life (emotions) and enjoy ever-increasing levels of choice, freedom, and happiness.

Professional Evolution

For Coaches, Healers,
and Solopreneurs

Jason began teaching coaches how to build six-figure businesses in 2008. Evolutionary Sales is sales without the selling. For the practitioners looking to build their business without compromising their heart-centered values.

Upcoming Courses & Writing

Evolutionary NLP Certification Training v4
2021 Dates To Be Release
Holistic Biz Training v8: Coaching the Coach
Begins June 13, 14.

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Evolutionary Relationships
Read book excerpts at the link below.

2021 Book Release Date To Be Announced.

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