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Clearing Your Past | Reclaiming Trapped Energy [Webinar]

When: Tuesaday September 23rd @ 6:30p to 8:15p Pacific
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What in your life creates static or disturbances in the channel? For some it is intoxicants. For others it may be the foods they eat - sugars or a deficiency of vegetables and other “high-vibrational” foods. for others it is a pattern of relationships or a specific current relationship characterized by conflict rather than synergy. 

For many - heck, most - it is emotions. Fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and anxiety are the usual suspects. 

Maybe it is from a recent event. More likely it is a series of events creating a reaction - which is problematic when they build up and create a residue leading to disproportionate reaction (or creating inaction) perhaps stopping you from offering your gifts to the world.

But more importantly - they skew your perceptions in some way. They cloud your judgment. They introduce static into the Channel. They distort or dampen your intuition.

What if you could dramatically reduce those emotional reactions? Dramatically reduce the duration or intensity of - say, fear - in your body? What if there was a tool you could use to systematically clear those emotional reactions out leading to improved relations, cleaner communication, and more importantly a clearer Channel.

The truth is, you are a leader. 

Whether you consider yourself to be - or not - you are. If you don’t think so, consider for a moment that at some point someone looked to you for guidance. It may have been as subtle as a small child passing you in the street who looked up at you and then took your lead (did you smile? Wave? Did they giggle? Become shy?) or it may be someone and some context far more direct - someone actually paying you for your insights and guidance.

Even if it was only to yourself in a time and situation when you had to keep your own counsel, somewhere, at some point, in some capacity - to someone - you are or have been a leader.

We all are - or have been.

To the degree we are aware of this and accept it is the degree to which there are certain duties and responsibilities that we shoulder - and aspects of our experience we must keep in mind that others who choose not to accept this are not burdened with. We are all aware of this to varying degrees - some of us larger degrees and others lesser - but we are aware of it.

Sometimes this is about making sure our behavior is in alignment with our espoused principles - basic philosophical integrity. An aspect of this is simply knowing people are watching and there are no days off from your spiritual purpose. Sometimes this is about taking care of your body - your vehicle - not only so you are an inspiring form for others to align with, but also so they have fewer questions that will distract them from what you have to offer.

But there is one aspect - one responsibility - we have that transcends them all and effects all contexts; above all else we have a responsibility - a duty - to keep the channel clear.

Clear your Channel and tune your intuition. Find out how by registering for this free webinar.

When: Tuesaday August 26th @ 6:30p to 8:15p Pacific
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