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Do You Need a Swift Kick in the Butt?

Swift kicks in the butt are not my style--they are not what I do or what I offer. BUT I know they are necessary at times for us all.  AND, every once in a while, someone comes along who not  only cares about you, but can kick you in the butt in just the right way.
Once in a while I run across an offer I think is worth supporting/advocating and forwarding from someone I approve of. Someone I think you can benefit from. Someone with immaculate integrity--who will also bring crazy value to your life. And someone who truly cares--at a deep level--about assisting you in improving your life.
This is the first offer like that that I am advocating on this site, in well over a year, so you can imagine that this is a good one.
Meet David Martin.

I like to think of David as the Tony Robbins for Central and South America. He speaks to groups that are over 500 people at a time--and not only is he a Master Practitioner of NLP, but an amazing motivational speaker--AND he really, really cares about people--and he knows how to kick your butt.

Anyway, David's got a crazy download deal for audio material he has recorded. If you need your butt kicked--he's your guy.  
Check it out HERE.
I'm not sure how long he is offering this--I know it will not be up forever--but either way I suggest you get over there and take advantage of this opportunity--especially, as I said, you need a good butt kicking.
Check it out HERE:
In Service and In Evolution,

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