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Your Success Equation | Thoughts Action Will | Part 1: Thoughts

Thoughts + Action + Will = Your Dream or Vision Becoming a Reality



There is much discussion about what it takes to be successful—and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. What it takes to succeed at owning your own business. Or stated differently, what it takes to “manifest” your vision in the world.

And while many people try to emulate personalities, rather than systems—which is a sure-fire way to fail—and there are certainly tangible, unique characteristics that have a Steve Jobs or a Barak Obama, or a _________________  succeed, there are those that want to sum it up to “luck” or “chance” or “connections”. Or “timing”. Or, “that is just them”.

While there is a certain amount of all of those that will aid one in bringing their vision into the world—they only help.

Even without those additional “helpers” we have a huge amount of latitude and control over the degree of our success—and even whether we succeed—or not; and to what degree. And often the successful management of the following aspects can assist those helpers in appearing and happening as if by “magic”. 

There are three components or ingredients to having your vision become a reality

1. Thoughts  2. Action  3. Will [The Will to Carry It Through]


So many people reduce this to the Law of Attraction only, and worse, want to have you believe you have already earned your success somehow—before you have actually produced anything or taken any action. Essentially before you have produced anything of value to others in the world.

I reject that wholeheartedly.

While the Law of Attraction is critical—and demystifying it equally so—so that you understand not only that it does work, but also why and how—it is not the only way to manage your mind that is critical. There are others seldom talked about.

Because I cover this at length in my Outcome Inevitability audio and I provide my clients and those who are members on the coaches site have access to—and also on the free Evolutionary Sales podcasts on iTunes—and others have done so as well…

Because of that, we will leave that in this writing and go to the meatier subjects :::

Thoughts: The inspired IDEA

You must have an idea. It does not have to be original. However, it must be at the right place in the “curve”. In other words, it has to either be a proven business model but not yet saturated in the market—or it can be new, but the technology and the market must be there to support the idea. AND it must not be on the sloping end of the curve—an idea that is making a lot of money now, but whose course has nearly run out or is about to end.

One of the greatest skills an entrepreneur must have is the ability to accurately perceive where the market is headed. There is no replacement for this skill. It means the difference between great success, failure, or middling success—and likewise great profits, or great losses. And while an entrepreneur knows that “failures” can be the sharpest learning opportunities, they can be costly, and well, let’s face it—less fun 

Thoughts: Deeper Meaning | Purpose

Additionally you must be able to tie it to deeper meaning. You’re not just creating a cool product or service—you are improving the lives of others—and ultimately making the world a better place somehow. You are serving humanity itself in some deep, meaningful way. Even with a small piece of software. Or a coaching offering. Or a new convenience appliance.

This will be your inspiration when you need to create or inspire others assisting you in making your vision a reality—and it will be your life preserver in the rough seas, should they come.

Remember it. Say it to yourself. Keep it in your mind’s eye. Feel it fully.

 Thoughts: Your Beliefs About What is Possible

Do you believe your success and the success of the venture is inevitable? You may need to adjust, sure, but keeping vigilance over your thoughts about success and possibility. The most powerful way to do that, that I suggest to all of my clients at some point is to discard the binary thinking; the either/or thinking ::: the question is not “will I succeed or not”, or “will this endeavor be successful or not”, the question is  ::: how? How will we make it successful? Or “what will it take”.

The very question itself provides a solution--if answered.

Even while reframing the disempowering questions, simply watch out for your self-talk or internal dialogue. Not necessarily to change the thoughts—although that is powerful—but additionally to notice those parts of you that may have valid concerns.

Some of them will be rational, valid concerns. Others—not so much. It is the irrational thoughts—the thoughts that are negative about the future with no real basis in reality or your personal history, that we want to reframe. The rational doubts should be addressed and honored—while still keeping your eye on the prize so-to-speak.

Thoughts: Your Belief In Your Worthiness

This aspect of your internal thoughts and beliefs is perhaps the most important underlying psychological factor. Do you feel you deserve to be successful? That you are good enough to begin the business, and be successful at it—and to reap its rewards?  This aspect of esteem for yourself—very different from whether you feel you can do it, are effective enough to do it, have the skills to do it—but do you deserve it. is your self worth such that it can contain the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars you may make from it.

If not, self-sabotage may be lurking.

Often I have clients who are playing a “big game”. They want to solve global problems. They want to serve humanity. AND they say to themselves, “who am I to XYZ.” I ask them who are they NOT to. Who are they to keep their gift from the world.

While that is a nifty little shortcut, the doubt about whether you are “good enough”—or the certainty you are—or whether you deserve it or not—will mean the difference between your success being inevitable, or self—sabotage on the other end of the spectrum.

And on that note, there is simply no replacement for healthy esteem for the self.

In the following weeks, we will cover the other two components in your success equation ::: Action and Will.

In Service,

 Jason The McClain-Ness

Part 2 can be found HERE. Part 3 Can be found HERE.

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