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Creating Comprehensive Offerings | Sustainability of Change | Financial Sustainability

UPDATE ::: You can now hear the call by clicking play below. You can also see the links mentioned in the call here:


  • The FAQ I mentioned as an example is HERE.
  • The two services offerings I mentioned so you can see their structure are HERE and HERE.


And if you are interested in the course we are about to release, sign up to be notified HERE.


Here is the audio for the call:




Teleseminar ::: Coaching the Coach ::: Creating Packages

How to create compelling packages for your clients.

"The most striking feature of the perennial philosophy/psychology is that it presents being and consciousness as a holarchy of dimensional levels, moving from the lowest, densest, and most fragmentary realms to the highest, subtlest, and most unitary ones." --Ken Wilber

You may be wondering ::: what the heck does that quote from Ken Wilber have to do with creating packages for your clients?!

I am happy to share that with you Monday, March 22 @ 7pm Pacific [You must register for this call at the link].

It is no secret that a primary component of building a 6-figure practice is to offer prospective clients a comprehensive package and path to step into.

Not only does having a comprehensive offering allow you to guide a client to more sustainable and stable change that takes hold--change that actually sticks--serving them more comprehensively--it also allows you, as the practitioner, to relax into serving them--allowing you to focus all of your energies on the clients outcomes--rather than concern for whether they will be back next week--or not.


Many of my clients lately have been asking "Well, HOW do I create one, McClain?" 

HOW do we create these offerings such that they are coherent, cogent, compelling, and credibly solid?

This seems to be a fairly confronting aspect of building a 6-figure coaching or practitioner business. Confronting both emotionally and structurally--feeling good about it and knowing how.

Doing what The McClain-Ness™ does best, I have modeled out the structure of this kind of offering and what it must contain and comprise to be something that a client finds coherent, cogent, compelling, and credible.


What you will discover during this call :::


  • The structure of phases and stages and how to "stack" them to best serve the client; how to "build" your offering
  • The 4 components a comprehensive package must have to be compelling
  • How to present your package--how to use the package to NOT sell and therefore sell even more effectively
  • The philosophical and emotional residue that comes up for practitioners from antiquated ways of thinking ::: and how to resolve it

Monday, March 22 @ 7pm Pacific. You must register for the call. Do that by clicking on this link. There are 99 spots available, so snag your spot now.

The call will be live, and I will be taking your questions, so I encourage you to be on the call--and to bring your concerns, your challenges, and your curiosity.

Oh--and to get a free trial, for what I think is the best teleseminar service out there--that allows you to call on people by name, "pass the mic" to them, and create break-out groups if you are leading a tele-class or series of tele-seminars, and a bunch more super cool technology to make your life as an entrepreneur easier and your business thrive with more profitability, click HERE.

Rumor has it, they will be adding webinar/screen casting functionality soon, too.SHHHHHHH

In Service,


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