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Ego And Self-Esteem | Personal and Practical in Business

This is taken from the Evolutionary Sales course materials. This is no ordinary sales training.


Self-Esteem. Ego.

There is no greater core component to your degree of success or failure than the evolution, expansion, and strengthening of the above. There are several reasons for this, but as a refresher: there are two aspects to your self-esteem:

1) Self-Efficacy 


2) Self-Respect


1) knowledge of your competence 


2) The feeling you are "appropriate to life; deserve a good life”


1) Value in the marketplace


2) Your Divine worth as a settled matter


1) Practical 


2) Personal


1) Results


2) Meaning

Most people have the two domains collapsed or confused. This will cause you to take things personally, deflect feedback, blame others when you have some area you can take responsibility and improve in, make it means something about you, rather than the work in the world (to the degree you are identified with it), and slow your learning and improvement. It will also lead you to attempt to dominate interactions in an unclean way.

There are endless pitfalls, but the path is clear.

The solution(s) is/are to be continually strengthening your capacity to witness -- and increasing your skill at navigating your own interiors --, separate out the personal and the practical, notice when you use leveraging tactics of fear or shame despite your cognitive understanding that it will produce negative results and increase your spaciousness. And ultimately, remember, it is not about you; it is about the work -- it is about service. It is about your purpose in the world, and while that may be deeply meaningful to you, it is not who you are.

Who you are is pure divinity. Who you are is Spirit manifest. Who you are is radical God/dess-ness.

If you want to identify with something, identity with that -- with the ultimate Witness.

Your emotional and ego development is your most important undertaking in your business. In doing so, the system you learned will come even easier to you and the results will follow -- to the degree you get out of your own way. 

And remember, all of your results with clients is feedback. There is no result you can produce with another human that is *not* feedback -- both positive and critical/negative results. Even if that weren’t true (and it is) it is the powerful place to stand.

Your business will only grow to reach the limits you have within yourself. The more expansive you are, the more expansive your business and your reach -- and the more fully you will be able to live your purpose and prosper as a result.

You are on the right path. You are doing the right things. Step into your I-I and become.

In Service,



Find out more about the course at the Evolutionary Sales website »here«.

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