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Teleseminar Series ::: 3 of 4 ::: Turning Initial Consultations Into Results

[update: listen to this call below. Register for the remaining call in the series here]

Take a moment to consider ...

What if you could count on a prospective client signing an extended package with you when you see them in person? When I say, "count on" I mean with 90% certainty?

As a holistic practitioner, you are sensitive to dynamics that do not feel right and you truly want to be of service to your prospective clients. You want to make sure they never feel pressured.

And they never should feel that--they do not to.

Discover how to have the best of all worlds ::: how to serve your potential client fully; how to convert more prospective clients into clients, and ultimately ... friends.

And do it by having a sales system that is in service of the actualization of the life they have always dreamed of ... and deserve.

Discover how on this tele-seminar. Details about the series here and registration here.

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