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An Unconventional Approach to Suicide Prevention

suicide-prevention An Unconventional Approach to Suicide Prevention by Jason McClain

Everything (everything? Yes everything) is hypnosis.

That is not a meta-model violation*. That is a Universal Truth. Every thought you think. Every song you sing. Everything you do in your mind is self-hypnosis.

You are doing it already. And some of you are even doing it consciously. At times. Most times, you are not. Most times the inmates (negative thoughts/negative self-talk, therefore, negative trances) are running the prison.

It is so easy to make a difference in someone’s life with words of encouragement or an acknowledgment of something we appreciate about them.

Strangers are even more positively impacted. They probably go home and tell their spouse or sibling or friend about the random stranger who said the thing to them that day that had them laugh or feel appreciated or … and all we did was use their name from their name tag and ask them if everyone was treating them kindly today. We treated them like a human rather than an extension of the scanner attached to the checkout counter.

There are many ways to disrupt negative states (or say what it is: a self-imposed negative hypnotic trance) in others. Humor is one. Authentic kindness that shows a depth of seeing another is one. Tickling someone is one. Making a funny face at a crying child when you can see it and their parent’s back is to you (one of my personal favorites for public transportation) [pro tip: only lasts until mom or dad wonder why the toddler is suddenly giggling and they start to look around. I always pretend to be looking out the window. Never been caught yet. Then do it again. Build rapport with the toddler as it is just the two of you connected].

There are many others.

Sometimes just being more enthusiastic about someone’s negative trance will have them snap out of it.

Let me give an example by way of a recent and true personal story.

I have a friend who is suicidal - has truly given up on life. I recited for him (accurately hallucinated) all of his reasons he may be thinking this was the best option and he would say, “that’s right!” “How did you know?” or “That’s exactly right” each time (building rapport deeply by accurately projecting his motivations which were not known to anyone but himself).

He’s 80, and he has much he wanted to accomplish that he has not, but he has become a bitter, anxious, cynical old man and is really just waiting out his days. He thinks he is worth more to his wife dead (insurance) than alive. And that may be true even to her. They divorced 40 years ago and I don’t think you do that again - at this point, you just say screw it. But to her, he is nothing but unfulfilled promises and wasted potential. They live separately and only see each other for the grandchildren on the weekends and she treats him poorly.

And he can be an ass. But ... **shrug**

The truth is he just does not have it in him to rally for a Third Act.

Anyway, he has brought up the idea of assisted suicide enough times to me that this last time, I said: “you are really asking if I will help you”.

Yes, he said.

So I went at it with full gusto and in 15 minutes came up with a foolproof plan that would be painless, look like an accident, and require only things that he already had in his possession.

And then I said, with a chipper tone in my voice, “Awesome! You always said I could have this apartment when you died" and looking around the room ... "I’ll be sure the artwork goes to the appropriate art galleries or donate them wherever you want them (he said his some and his grandchildren had no interest in them). But I would like to keep this one (pointing to one piece) Let’s set a date! How much time do you need to get your affairs in order?” He looked at me curiously and settled on December 15th.

We chatted for a bit more and then I left.

I returned the next day around noon time.

And I came into his office. He offered me coffee. And I said, again with cheer in my voice: “So! December 15th, huh!? We get to end all this suffering for you once and for all. I hope you are ion action around your will and such.” and then I said (tapping my watch on my wrist ) “we’re on a clock mister. Count down has begun! “Let's get this ball rollin’.”

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"Falling in love is the greatest story of addiction in existence." -Philippe Lewis


"Falling in love is the greatest story of addiction in existence." -Philippe Lewis I toyed with this idea for years. Along with the idea that all romantic love is delusion. Delusion and addiction. Why else does "absence make the heart grow fonder" if not because you aren't dealing with the reality of who they are - but rather who you imagine them t...

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3 Levels of Leadership, Part 3: Hacking Your Own Mind

3 Levels of Leadership

Charisma can be faked. True presence can not. True presence comes from internal alignment - free from nagging self-doubts or internal conflicts. It comes from self-acceptance. That internal dialogue you experience - that negative self-talk? Those can be resolved. Imagining negative outcomes and feeling anxious about your future - that can also be r...

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[Webinar] Creating A World-Class You | Advanced Self-Esteem Distinctions

[Webinar] Creating A World-Class You | Advanced Self-Esteem Distinctions

I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years, and one of the common threads - in every case where they were starting their own business - was some version of self-doubt.

It shows up in many different forms: questioning whether they are good enough, whether they know enough, or have enough training. It shows up on how they set their prices, and in the way they have uncertainty about the future. It can also show up as perfectionism (because nothing is ever really good “enough” - and a half dozen other versions I could list.

One or more of these plague most solo-preneurs just starting out. Each of them are simple enough to resolve (and we can - and will - resolve them for you during the webinar on Thursday). Still others - as laid out below - require mindfulness and practice to let go of.

The most interesting challenge clients face - and the most pervasive dynamic I have witnessed among them - is many degrees more complicated.

The story may be familiar to you: you schedule a small talk - an introduction to your work - and let me assure you, these introductory workshops are the engine of your business. Through them, you provide value to the community and assist in building your following, your brand, and it’s an opportunity for people to see you in person so they get a deeper sense of you.

Someone comes up to you and tells you how amazing the talk was, how touched they were by it, and gets that glazed over look in their eye. It’s boom time, baby!

You pack up and go home and when you get home and check your email and there is a critical email from one of the evening’s participants saying that you needed to change XYZ about your presentation and how some of it was inappropriate. Suddenly all the inflation turns to deflation and you feel dejected and start to wonder - maybe this business isn’t for you.

How you actually performed becomes irrelevant because we are now dealing with a creation of your mind:

1) You collapsed two domains - personal and practical - you made a practical matter personal; you make it mean something about you personally when it is a matter of efficacy with the audience

2) Identification with your business or your material in the workshop causing you to react - you *are* your business in this situation. A case of mistaken identity. What’s more though, is these demonstrate an orientation to external validation.

This distinction Personal/ Practical is foundational in the self-esteem concepts I will lay out for you Thursday. 

Internal vs External orientations to validation will also make a headline appearance. These distinctions will go a long way toward increasing your freedom and choice and assisting you improve more rapidly.

There are a limited number of spots for the Webinar, so go grab your space now:

In Your Service,


Update: here is the video from the webinar. Enjoy!


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Clearing Your Past | Reclaiming Trapped Energy [Webinar]

Clearing Your Past | Reclaiming Trapped Energy [Webinar]

When: Tuesaday September 23rd @ 6:30p to 8:15p Pacific
Click here to get access details:

What in your life creates static or disturbances in the channel? For some it is intoxicants. For others it may be the foods they eat - sugars or a deficiency of vegetables and other “high-vibrational” foods. for others it is a pattern of relationships or a specific current relationship characterized by conflict rather than synergy. 

For many - heck, most - it is emotions. Fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, and anxiety are the usual suspects. 

Maybe it is from a recent event. More likely it is a series of events creating a reaction - which is problematic when they build up and create a residue leading to disproportionate reaction (or creating inaction) perhaps stopping you from offering your gifts to the world.

But more importantly - they skew your perceptions in some way. They cloud your judgment. They introduce static into the Channel. They distort or dampen your intuition.

What if you could dramatically reduce those emotional reactions? Dramatically reduce the duration or intensity of - say, fear - in your body? What if there was a tool you could use to systematically clear those emotional reactions out leading to improved relations, cleaner communication, and more importantly a clearer Channel.

The truth is, you are a leader. 

Whether you consider yourself to be - or not - you are. If you don’t think so, consider for a moment that at some point someone looked to you for guidance. It may have been as subtle as a small child passing you in the street who looked up at you and then took your lead (did you smile? Wave? Did they giggle? Become shy?) or it may be someone and some context far more direct - someone actually paying you for your insights and guidance.

Even if it was only to yourself in a time and situation when you had to keep your own counsel, somewhere, at some point, in some capacity - to someone - you are or have been a leader.

We all are - or have been.

To the degree we are aware of this and accept it is the degree to which there are certain duties and responsibilities that we shoulder - and aspects of our experience we must keep in mind that others who choose not to accept this are not burdened with. We are all aware of this to varying degrees - some of us larger degrees and others lesser - but we are aware of it.

Sometimes this is about making sure our behavior is in alignment with our espoused principles - basic philosophical integrity. An aspect of this is simply knowing people are watching and there are no days off from your spiritual purpose. Sometimes this is about taking care of your body - your vehicle - not only so you are an inspiring form for others to align with, but also so they have fewer questions that will distract them from what you have to offer.

But there is one aspect - one responsibility - we have that transcends them all and effects all contexts; above all else we have a responsibility - a duty - to keep the channel clear.

Clear your Channel and tune your intuition. Find out how by registering for this free webinar.

When: Tuesaday August 26th @ 6:30p to 8:15p Pacific
Click here to get access details:


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